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George Bush and Yunus Kawari


(Article was written before he was released)

  A Nepali man, bread winner for a family of 13, an under-represented minority in his own country, was tempted by his employer to take a risky job. The most educated member of his family, he left Nepal in search of an opportunity to provide a better future for his children and nephews and nieces, and to support his parents and grandparents in their old age. He is now a hostage in Iraq. As mentioned above, he was tempted—-one could easily read it as coercion—-by his Saudi employers. He was captured along with Iraqi, Saudi nationals. Few of the Iraqi abductees were freed; he is still a hostage along with the rest of the Iraqis and Saudis....Read More

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"Nepal in Nepalese"


It is so beautiful
Therefore it numbs the mind
It’s so divine that
It lets people shake
It’s so colourful that
It absorbs one in disbelief
It is so awesome
That it takes people’s breath away
It’s so powerful that....Read More


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One man named after a large meat-eating cat has been set up as the hopes of our ailing nation...

  So much has changed, my brothers and sisters! As I sit to write this, my thumbs are sore—they each have earned painful blisters of hard labor. My palm is raw to touch; my back aches and my limbs protest a week-long fatigue. Your favorite clown, this insignificant scribe, has submitted himself to learning the English language better. You are fickle, O Readers! And you grumbled much—much too much—and Suresh Dhital, this poor aspirant...Read More

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Dhital-4...Suresh Dhital


What clever thing to say at this conjuncture in untamed time and sprawled space? I will merely send merry greetings to you. My many brothers and sisters of unacquainted ancestries entombed in this untamed time—it is I, Mr. Suresh Dhital urf Ditty, Writer/Director—if I may add, back without permission, but not without your admission, to reflect off your colorful walls and faces, projected in three separate colors to make this colorful experience.  Read More


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"We live in the assaults we make upon this world, to decisively steer it with our savage blows, not in the fantasy to nudge it with foolish delicateness".....Suresh Dhital


even halwais keep a goatee
to look like Amitabh Bachhan—
it is tough competition...
Please Read More


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Parewa Ko Masu...Nagendra Sharma


Just before it takes off the nest. You let it gain enough muscles to fly off with-the bones get lighter, and the bird gains more lean weight. You can even throw one off its nest, just to see if it will flap strongly enough to stay in the air. You can then judge how many days more before the bird gains optimum weight. Then you sacrifice the pigeon to the goddess. .....Click To read more


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The Last-Best Policy...Yubraj Acharya


In a surprising move last month, the Controller’s Office in Sanothimi adopted a new set of measures to increase the SLC pass percentage. Highlights:

  1. “No teacher checking the answer sheets will be allowed to award zero marks for an answer scribbled by a student.”
  2. “Award grace marks to students who would fail the exams by a thin margin of 5 or 6 marks in two subjects.”
  3. A relaxed timetable, more study breaks.....Click To read more

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Is there Life beyond Blondes, Dawgs and American Eagle?

  If one were to say that walking through American campuses is basically flipping through pages of fashion magazines, it would not be much of an exaggeration. Many of us, who are newcomers to such fashion trends, might find these styles entertaining in the very beginning. Tanned bodies wandering to classes with an overwhelming outfit of short skirt and tiny tank tops, or those with khaki shorts and flip-flops-who would not love those slender tanned...Read More

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Suresh Dhital, Writer/Director

  I am a novice artist in an unidentified city in India. I think of myself mostly as a writer, and hope eventually to hang outside my door a nameplate that reads--“Mr. Suresh Dhital, Writer/Director.” And celluloid ki kssam, I hope the nameplate will be in shiny brass. One office in Kathmandu, one office in this unidentified city in India. Multi-national filmmaker, writer/director. “Hello! I am Mr. Suresh Dhital, Writer/Director.” Morning in Kathmandu, evening in this unidentified city in India.

I wanted to struggle in Kathmandu. To become...Read More


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"An Evening of Musing"


I have written five outlandish articles already-each just as artless as every other. I have tried to sustain a tongue of twisted words, flowing not with the swiftness of a mountain brook, but with the shattering roar of a waterfall flung against a granite chest of a giant crowned with ancient Saal trees. I have beat my chest and berated before the readers, sulking and making accusations, begging for attention and conversation. I earnestly hope many more of you will speak out in future-in a poem or in a story, in a few inspired lines or in rich, lengthy spandrels of immaculate ponderings. Things haven’t been any assuring thus far-only Yubraj ji writes, and, much to my dismay, only Suresh Dhital seems eager to smear a Nepali corner of the internet with his eager...Read More


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"What A King!"...Yubraj Acharya


The king reminds me of one of my high school friends who always had the desire to be in the game-soccer-despite his inability to contribute much to the game. He would kick the ball hard when it came near him, but would not run to get it-his fat belly would not allow him to even walk fast. Once he kicked the ball, that would be it. Every time you told him he was playing lousy, you would get the same response: “don’t forget the shot I made earlier.”

This is the sort of player the present king is, may be even worse. Here’s why:

When the anti-monarchy slogans were chanted in the street of Kathmandu for the first time, the king kicked hard. Two student leaders were arrested; ministers used the incident as an excuse to vent their anger at the politicians. Unfortunately for them, the protests only intensified...Read More


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"Intoxications"...Nagendra Sharma

  "The sun will outlive history”-Camu’s eloquent philosophy. A few developments reminded me of it-a friend of mine sent me a weblink of a forum where some people praised, and others decried me. I was amused. A reader [for he is just that], called my English “Baljafti English.” That put an end to my amusement. By age ten, I had read more printed pages in Hindi than I had in Nepali, and practically nothing outside my school in English...Read More


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"On My Fellow Student Friends"...Yubraj Acharya

  “The students should stop calling themselves students, and identify themselves with responsible adults of voting age who just happen to disagree with all the competing powers”, wrote Nagendra Sharma, a columnist in this site. While the emergence of a new, forward-looking mob, with a deeper understanding of social norms as well as the international scenario has always been wished for, we can not afford to have any more divisions among the political players we already have....Read More

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"My Destiny at Hands of Painted Monkeys"...Nagendra Sharma


I am inclined to speaking of myself today. Such a touchy topic-oneself. There are times when I want to speak of myself and words are incessant and spontaneous, and there are days when the anguish of having to address myself is heavier than the task itself. There are days when the gloom outside the window seems to have seeped in through the wall, invaded the cavities in my head and made Melancholy my very self, and there are days that I would swear were born in the dazzling and unvanquished furnace of happiness inside me, and then taken outside, on wings of the air and the light. And there are days when tumult is incarnate, and I angrily jab at the air like a fictitious fool from a long forgotten medieval court in the orient trapped in his own mocking ways, begging to be un-choked of the ambitious serving of life he has taken upon. There are so many days-each distinct, refusing to interfere with other days. And invariably, pasted to those days, there I am. How did Rembrandt paint himself over and over again? Through the prime of his youth when both the talent he possessed and the sight of himself twice reflected-off the mirror in the studio, off the reflection of that reflection on a canvas-must have been an intoxication so fierce and noble that only the surety and wisdom of old age must have eventually stood parallel...Read More


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Wealth Redistribution?...Nagendra Sharma

  It is very cold outside as I sit to write this. The temperature in this small farming town has dropped to minus 16 degrees on the Celsius scale. I am enjoying my first real encounter with snow-I like how it records footfalls and car tracks and dog tracks-it feels as it the snow lovingly saves traces of life itself, so that I ca look out of my window and know that two pairs of heavy boots trudged towards the grocery store, and three kids had a snow-fight under a particular pine tree. There is well over fifteen inches of snow-a boon for the wheat farmers of this dry valley. My friends who are appalled by how America tends to unjustly exploit natural resources to create green cities in the middle of unfriendly deserts would be happy with the snow, because it means lesser water will be diverted from large rivers in the vicinity come the dry season. The militant love for mother earth harbored by vegan tree-huggers in rich liberal arts colleges throws me off sometimes, but these individuals also represent an important fraction of the hope for a better future. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Nepal has seen more Peace corps volunteers since the inception of the organization than any other nation. Of course, this has to account for the fascination of the average American youth over the decades-Nepal must represent to them the ideal opposite to their affluent, yet spiritually dry, surrounding. The other day, a girl whose twin sister was in Nepal for six months came up to me and said she had been looking for me to have me hear a phrase she had learned from her sister-“Ke garne, jivan yestai rahechha!” I couldn’t help but smile. She also told me that her sister has decided to make Nepal central to her career and life. I didn’t point out that it was the American affluence that allows her to harbor such desires...Read More

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"Pardeshi Nagendra's Rantings"...Nagendra Sharma

  I have asked Nepalisite.com to allow me to write a column for the site. Although I know I will constantly write about Nepal, I do not know how the column will shape up, if it does come into fruition. I hope I will have a regular readership, and I hope I will have enough responses to continue writing.

I have long and harrowing arguments with my next-door neighbor, a Chinese professor of English who is an exchange scholar at my college. He is studying Shakespeare, because he wants to be able to offer more choices to his students when he returns to China. Our polite discussions touch upon Tibet, or the Chinese Communist Party and its intellectuals, and take bitter turns. He instantly becomes defensive of his country, and more so, of the party. He is himself an intellectual in the party, so he cannot agree with anything I say without betraying a hypocrisy that I maintain exists in the CCP. And since I have long given up any pretense to scholarship, and happily settled for fiction writing, I don’t have the facts to argue with facts he claims, so I am forced to attack his logic. My stance boils down to finding contradictions within his arguments, and thereby extrapolating that the CCP is rife with similar contradictions....Read More


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A Kanchha—A Musical Measuring Rod...  By Kishor Gurung


Kanchhi: A kanchha malai sunko tara khasai deuna!
Kanchha: Tyo tara matra hoina junpani jhari deunla!

  This duet song was recorded in Calcutta at the Hindustan Recording Company in 1962. The singers were Rudra Mani Gurung and the late Aruna Lama. The music is composed by Amber Gurung to his own words. Sachindra Mani Gurung, who one year earlier had initiated the recording of the epoch-making song Nau Lakh Tara, again bore the financial burden so that five musicians from Amber Gurung's own Art Academy of Music could travel to Calcutta for the recording. Two local Nepali instrumentalists preferred over the Bengali musicians of Calcutta were Ranjit Gazmer and the late Saran Pradhan, to play madal (horizontal drum) and mandolin, respectively. We can imagine that this recording was much awaited by the Nepali public after the advent of Nau Lakh Tara.

In this song, Amber Gurung’s imaginary Kanchha and Kanchhi are of superhuman proportions, promising to fetch “golden star” and “moon” for their mutual love. He is not alone in immersing romantic ideas of "remoteness" of feats beyond human reality and the "boundlessness" of source-materials from which to draw creative inspiration. In the 19th century, Richard Wagner (1813-1883) derived his artistic inspiration for his monumental operas from Greek heroes and mythology. Hitler idolized Wagner and his works, but that is quite another matter....Read More

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Heroes in History...By Nagendra Sharma

  Nepalisite did accept my article, and I am glad to say that I will be writing for this site regularly--as long as the readers will want me to, as long as Nepalisite will want me to.

My birthday is approaching. I will be a year older--the world will have washed over me one more layer of awe and disgust. Invariably, I am tempted to think of the past, and then of the future, because it seems to take such momentous effort to make sense of them both. My friends in Kathmandu don't mind the politics much. They say, “yestai ho . . . arko dui char barsa ma selaunchha.” It will go away in a few years. But I am removed from Nepal. It isn't a matter of “at least, there wasn't a shooting in my neighborhood.” To me, reports from parts of Nepal that I have never seen shake the calm of my mind, precisely because I don't know the victims as anything else than fellow Nepali men and women. And within this visceral distress, I see both the past and the future play out their innocent game, trapping us in the nook of their elbows when they link arms to strut down the road that is our predicament...Read More

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